2nd Call: Send in the Story of How You Fell in Love and How it All Went Right

Ilana Lydia
2 min readFeb 13, 2022

All stories published, best wins $25 USD gift certificate to amazon

Photo by Anda Deea on Unsplash

I am looking to hear how you fell in love, and how it all went right.

Why? For my own edification, I want to see that true love can prevail out there and it’s not as uncommon as I think.

However, to keep this contest open to everyone, you may also write a fictional piece describing how you think you might fall in love. Real, imagined: it’s all good here.

To submit a story:

  1. Comment with your medium handle (@Ilanalydia11) .
  2. I will add you as a writer to Life and the Performing Arts.
  3. Publish your story on Life and the Performing Arts.
  4. This is a celebration of love and hope, and in a very real sense we are all winners. However, someone will walk away with an amazon gift card for $25 USD.
  5. Contest ends 2/27/22 at 11:59PM Arizona time.
  6. I will announce the winner in the first week of March.

Thanks so much for playing along! I’m really looking forward to hearing your stories!

I’d like to give a shout-out to the new publication Reciprocal. Great stories, great community!

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