Who Knew? There Is Such a Thing as a Pleasant Tech Rehearsal for a Festival

It’s all about the people

Ilana Lydia
2 min readJan 8, 2022


Photo by Antoine J. on Unsplash

Note: this image in no way resembles the kind of festival I work on. I just liked the space-shippy feel.

So I had a massive surprise tonight. After getting started late, without all the actors, or the director, or the stage manager present . . . I had a thoroughly pleasant tech rehearsal for our 1st Festival of Shorts for Youth.

The secret? The incredibly capable, yet laid-back technicians at the Peoria Center for the Performing Arts.

Somehow, every director ended earlier than scheduled.

A miracle!

Every director was able to navigate the cues without needing to stop (much) and go back.


One of our actresses who thought she might have Covid was risen from The Pool of Actors Who Have Covid and reinstated into two of her roles.

I need to pinch myself. Is this even possible?

If you’re looking to do something big and technical and daunting, may I suggest working with the best technicians your money will allow? People who love their jobs and don’t feel it’s an imposition to work with you. You know: heroes.

Although we have the toughest show to tech tonight, I am so much more relaxed about the situation that I hardly recognize myself from earlier today.

You know how sometimes you’re in someone’s space, and they treat you like you’re going to break everything at every juncture, and you feel like a cow or a whale navigating through their things? None of that here.

Let’s hear it for glowing surprises!

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